A list of Bloomfield city ordinances are available at the following link —


Bloomfield is in the Nebraska’s Third Congressional District, which is represented by Congressman Adrian Smith. U.S. Senators Deb Fisher and Ben Sasse represent Nebraska in the U.S. Senate.


Bloomfield is in the 40th District of the State Legislature. The 40th District Representative is Senator Tyson Larson.


Bloomfield is governed by a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor and four City Council Members are elected to four-year terms. The Mayor and City Council appoint the City Administrator.

Mayor: Brad Eckmann
City Council Members: Les Jessen, Keith Koertje, Steve Barney and Scot Ober
City Administrator: Colette Panning
City Clerk/Treasurer: Jennifer Lauck


One private waste disposal hauler contracted by the city of Bloomfield serves the residential customers in Bloomfield. All residential citizens are provided and required to utilize this service. Community recycling efforts include local newspaper drives and the collection of aluminum cans by the local Boy Scout Troop.


Electric service is supplied and distributed by the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). The nearest substation is located on the east edge of the community. The Bloomfield area is serviced by two different 69 KV lines. The transmission size to the substation is 69 KV and the substation capacity is 4160 KV with the distribution transformer approximately 60 percent loaded at the present. Two additional substations are located within five miles of Bloomfield. Service and maintenance is provided from the NPPD office in Norfolk.


Natural gas service is distributed and supplied to the community by SourceGas, through a three-inch transmission pipeline with an operating pressure of approximately 800-900 pounds per square inch. Choice Gas is available in Bloomfield and the election period for this program is prior to May 1st of each year.


The wastewater system consists of approximately 6.9 miles of gravity collection mains, a satellite lift station in the east part of the city and a main lift station at the city park pumping all wastewater through a 3,200 foot 6″ force main to a four cell lagoon system. The collection system includes about 1,000 feet of 12″ main, 4,500 feet of 10″ main, 22,000 feet of 8″ main and 4,200 feet of 4″ main. The four cell lagoon is operated as a controlled discharge system and was upgraded within the last 10 years. It meets the state NPDES limits on effluent. Renovations of the main lift station and collection system are being done in 2000, including a new lift station on the west side of the city.


The city water system includes three supply wells with a total production capacity of approximately 1,000 gallons per minute. The average daily demand is 180,000 gallons with a maximum capacity of 1,440,000 per day. The static pressure is 93 pounds and the residual pressure is 86 pounds. The system also includes a single 250,000 elevated storage tank constructed in 1996. Extensive upgrades were undertaken in the water system between 1995 and 1997 resulting in an 8″ water line loop around the city. The quality of water in Bloomfield does not necessitate treatment.


Communications is supplied and distributed by Great Plains Communications. Great Plains Communications is a diversified telecommunications leader that provides our telephone, cable television, distance learning and some of our internet service to Bloomfield. Family-owned for four generations, Great Plains is headquartered out of Blair, Nebraska.

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