Bloomfield’s strength lies in the people who have made productivity and quality workmanship trademarks of this area. Bloomfield is a haven for those who prefer small-town life over city living. The community presents opportunity for those who want to develop a business. There aren’t many places left where you can work during the day and go fishing and boating in the evening. If you want to mix some fun into your day, Bloomfield is the place for you.

Bloomfield, population 1,126 (2000 Census), is located in the northeast corner of Nebraska, 20 miles from South Dakota and 65 miles from Iowa. Bloomfield serves as a major business center in Knox County. The community’s business sector serves an agriculture and related services area of more than 6,000 people. Businesses draw from a 30-plus-mile trade area.


On March 14, 2019, a historic flood hit Knox County taking out homes, businesses, farms, roads, and bridges.

This map makes travel easy on the new scenic routes to get from Niobrara to the Niobrara State Park, Ponca Tribe Earth Lodge and Educational Trail, Swanson’s Hunting Acres & Lodge, Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch Covered Wagon Tours, and more.

Get directions and instructions on the route to view some of Northern Knox County favorites which includes the Niobrara State Park, Chief Standing Bear Bridge, Ohiya Casino and Tatanka Golf Club.


Knox County Economic Development

Feel free to visit the Knox County website as well for more information about the area.

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